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Rackmount chassis

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3U Cases
The NR-N3514 is a universal 3U height case for a single or dual processor server. 
NR-N3514 is a universal 3U height design for one or two-processor server with enhanced cooling and 2 rear panels for more flexible layout of motherboards, power supplies and expansion cards. Support for full-sized ATX and SSI SEB motherboards, ATX / 2U / 2U Redundant power supplies and up to 19 HDD / SSD SAS / SATA 3.5 ″ /2.5 ″ drives.


Mother Board 12″ x 10.5″
PSU 2U, 2U Redundant, ATX
Cooling 4x 120x120x25 mm + 2x 60x60x25 mm (4pin PWM)
Expansion slots 7 or 5+1
Slots External 5.25 6
3.5 4
Internal 3.5
Slim FDD
Weight 9.65 kg
Dimensions 430×550×132 mm
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